Prescription Sunglass Lenses

Sunglasses with your prescription

We offer the latest high fashion sunglasses from the world’s top designers, and expertly fit new lenses to your individual prescription. This means they are yours. 100%. Bespoke. One of a kind. Originals. Just like you are. Make your sunglasses 100% Yours. Learn about prescription sunglass lens options below.

Did you know? 85% of our sunglasses can have prescription lenses fitted, so you can enjoy clarity and sun protection whilst wearing the latest style.

Tinted, polarised, transitions ... the choice is yours

UV rays cannot be seen, so we need to ensure we take necessary precautions to protect ourselves as much as we can. For prescription wearers we take the hassle out of sun protection with our range of prescription sunglasses and available lens options.

You can choose from options such as polarised lenses, Transitions® and different tints to reduce the impact of UV radiation on your eyes and the surrounding area. We also carry Ray-Ban Authentic lenses and Oakley® Authentic lenses, there’s something for everyone from fashionistas to outdoor enthusiasts.

Prescription lenses - make them yours

Available in a range of colours, full tint or graduated tint – choose your preference.

  • Grey - reduces brightness and glare, a neutral tint that transmits colours so they retain their true beauty. Best for bright outdoor sunlight to help reduce squinting and eyestrain.
  • Brown - reduces glare, increases colour perception and blocks out a large percentage of harmful blue light which helps to brighten vision on cloudy days and increase contrast between colours so is perfect for driving or outdoor action sports.
  • Green – like Grey, this tint reduces glare while brightening shadows and transmitting a high level of natural colour. It provides contrast to colours and adds to visual clarity.
  • Yellow - filters blue light for sharper focus and increases contrast in low-light conditions such as fog. Enhances contrast to makes objects appear sharper both indoors and outdoors and can be great for outdoor cyclists.
Available in both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses in tints such as green, grey and brown, polarisation is the only lens type that specifically reduces horizontal glare that you see off highly reflective surfaces such as water, snow and roads, as well as blocking UV rays. They’re especially recommended for driving, fishing, boating and most other outdoor activities, where glare interferes with what you are seeing. What’s more is that both Ray-Ban® and Oakley® authentic lenses offer polarised lens options.
Since 1937, Ray-Ban® has been the most recognised, celebrated and imitated glasses brand. Ray-Ban® Authentic prescription lenses builds on its already rich history. You can now enjoy visual clarity with all the style and coolness of Ray-Ban®. Extensive work has gone into the manufacturing process to ensure the look and feel is everything you would expect from a Ray-Ban® authentic product so that no one will ever know they are even prescription – until they ask to try them on. You can complete your Ray-Ban® experience with genuine G15®, B-15® lenses in polarised, non-polarised, single vision or progressive prescriptions**.
Oakley® Sun is designed to perform for sport and everyday life. With patented Plutonite® material they are highly impact resistant and block out 99.9% of UVA, UVB & UVC. Available in a wide selection of colours and options, Oakley® Prescription Lenses optimize your vision with innovations that answer the uncompromising demands of world-class sports professionals. For the quality you expect from Oakley® sunglasses, get Oakley® Authentic Prescription Lenses. Ask for them by name.


**All lens options subject to prescription suitability

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