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Eye Health at Work

Millions of Reasons to Care

Eye injuries account for up to 25% of all workplace injuries with 2% requiring admission to hospital. When you consider workplace injuries cost an estimated $60.6 billion in 2008, that’s not only bad for workers, it’s bad for business*. Most employers understand their obligations to provide a healthy, safe working environment. OPSM workplace programs help organisations promote good eye health at work. This, in turn, helps improve productivity.

Eye-Opening Stats

More than half of all eye injuries suffered in Australia are workplace related** and account for 8% of workplace injuries – that’s around 50,000 incidents each year*. Not surprisingly, most occur in industries like construction, mining, agriculture, forestry and fishing.*

It’s a good business decision to have OPSM help you look after your employees’ health.

Eyestrain from Screens

Regular use of digital technology such as computers and mobile phones can lead to repetitive strain issues for eyes, just as much as typing can affect wrists and arms. Symptoms include tiredness, headaches and dry or gritty eye sensations, all of which can be distracting, disrupt work and lead to reduced performance. International studies estimate that having an eye test and adopting appropriate vision correction can help reduce errors and increase productivity by up to 2.5% for workers employed in moderate levels of visual processing†.

Compliance and Care

Many companies are already introducing world-class Eyecare OH&S policies as an integral part of their obligation to ensure a safe and risk-free workplace. These policies recognise stringent, legislated safety guidelines concerning eyestrain and related symptoms and the need for employees working in eye-injury-risk environments to be provided with appropriate protection. OPSM helps thousands of Australian companies comply with eyecare health and safety requirements with simple, cost-effective and efficient ways for employees to access general prescription glasses, prescription and non-prescription sunglasses and prescription safety eyewear.

Corporate Care



OneSight is OPSM’s charity partner that provides eye tests and eye screenings for those in need. non-prescription sunglasses and prescription safety eyewear.

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