Blue Light Exposed

We are all savvy to the effects of UV light and how to manage them, but how many of us know how to manage the effects of blue-violet light?

Blue-violet light comes principally from the sun but also from our favourite devices such as computer screens, tablets and smart phones as well as artificial light sources such as LEDs. This light penetrates deep into the eye, which can suppress the natural release of melatonin, causing disrupted sleep.

Digital eye strain, which now affects around a third of people, can be increased by the blue light's effect on contrast. It’s no wonder this is happening; recent research shows that Australians are spending more time in front of a screen than they are sleeping (9.4 hours screening vs 7.3 hours sleeping). Over the course of a year, this means on average Australians will spend 143 days in front of a screen.

Blue Light

To help our customers take good care of their eye health, OPSM presents 3 options for lenses to manage the long term effects of exposure to blue-violet light.

Our New BlueGuard™ Lens

Due to of our reliance on digital devices, and the amount emitted from the sun it’s not easy to avoid blue-violet light altogether, however you can reduce exposure with new technology like OPSM BlueGuard™ lenses.

At OPSM, not only can we help you find the perfect style of frames, but we can add lenses that provide blue light filtering. Our exclusive BlueGuard lenses could reduce the symptoms of eye strain, with no negative effect on the body’s circadian rhythm, which can impact a good night’s sleep.

Our blue-violet light filtering technology can benefit people of all ages and the good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice style for function. Our specialised lenses offer up to three times more protection than standard prescription lenses, and with no change to the way you see colours or the way you look.

Even if you don’t require prescription lenses, BlueGuard™ lenses can be fitted to your choice of frames, providing you with a pair of “screen glasses”. This is also available for children, providing them with appropriate assistance and filtering blue-violet light for their eyes.

BlueGuard™ lenses are available through any OPSM store for only a $50 upgrade on your selected lenses. Children’s lenses can be upgraded for $25. If you have private health insurance, your provider may cover the full cost of BlueGuard™ subject to health fund optical cover, waiting periods, annual limits and fund rules. Now that it’s so affordable why wouldn’t you protect your eyes?

Our OPSM eye care specialists are available now to answer all your questions about BlueGuard™. You can also have a look for yourself - you’ll be amazed at just how effective and comfortable they are. Search for your local OPSM store now or book an eye test today.

Invisibles® Blue

If you’re spending your day on the computer, you should be putting on blue-violet light filtering lenses to improve screen contrast and your comfort. This light filtering lens coating is referred to as Invisibles® Blue.

This lens coating, as with BlueGuard, reduces blue light and as it’s an ‘anti-reflection’ coating, meaning it is resistant to smudges, scratches, dust and water so you have the added benefit that the lens virtually disappears so people see your eyes not your lenses.

So who should think about getting Invisibles® Blue?

Anybody who spends time on a computer, children who play games on iPads or iPhones, students, and those who have trouble with night time glare should seriously think about it.

The technology in Invisibles® Blue protects your eyes against some of the sun’s UV rays, the ones that reach your eyes by bouncing off the back of your lenses. So when the sun is low or behind you Invisibles® Blue is protecting you making a good addition to your eyewear.

No matter what your age, everyone should protect their eyes daily from UV light, choosing a 100% UV absorbing lens material combined with Invisibles® Blue is the best way to do that.

If you're not sure whether this is right for you, come and talk to one of our specialist at your local OPSM store now or book an eye test today.

Transition Signature Lenses

They’re totally clear indoors, and then you step outside and you instantly know what the fuss is all about with Transitions Signature Lenses. They darken automatically and block out 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays.

This is exclusive technology which reacts to sun, partial sun and indirect light, providing a superior visual experience by being more reactive to varying outdoor light conditions.

They’re more responsive to outdoor light and that means they get darker even when you’re facing away from the sun, in reflected light and at different times of day, plus they block 100 per cent of UV rays. When you go inside, they become clear like regular lenses.

They change from clear to tinted and cover almost all prescriptions, plus they also filter blue light both indoors and out.

Almost anyone who wears prescription glasses can wear Transitions lenses and they’ll fit virtually every frame, style, size and prescription.

Called “adaptive lenses”, Transitions Signature Lenses are the most popular of their kind on the market and for good reason.

They offer the convenience of always matching to the amount of light, so stepping outside without your sunnies is not a problem.

For children, it’s also a good idea to consider Transitions as they can prevent long term eye damage from UV rays.

Come speak to your local OPSM eye care specialist today about the many options available with the Transitions Signature Lenses range. Find your local OPSM store now or book an eye test today.