Blue Light

Blue Light Lenses

Blue-violet light comes principally from the sun. No matter how much time you spend outdoors, protection against UV rays and filtering blue light are options for everyone to consider.

Our Eye Protect System™ Lens

Essilor’s most imperceptible solution to filter UV and blue-violet light1. Eye Protect System™ offers daily UV protection and blue-violet light filtering2 in an aesthetically clear lens.

Other benefit include no reflection due to blue-violet light filtering at the surface of the lens.

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1. Eye Protect System™ lens feature has the lowest level of yellow residual tint (b*) compared to other Essilor's blue cut solution.
2. Blue-violet light is between 400 and 455nm as stated by ISO TR 20772:2018.

Crizal® Prevencia®

Selective filtering to preserve your natural well-being. Blue-violet light filtering smartly reflects blue-violet light1. A shield for your eyes and your lens that provides a smart filtration of UV and blue-violet light whilst letting light pass through the essential part of the eye. Advanced selective filter technology that filters out blue-violet light while allowing essential visible light to pass through2. Additional benefits include enhanced vision experience by reducing distracting reflections, scratch resistance to handle everyday usage scratches that may result from wiping the lens with the wrong cleaning cloth, easy to clean by repelling water & dust and resists smudges so your lens stays clear for longer. UV protection helps to combat the invisible dangers of UV reflection.

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1. Blue-violet light is between 400 and 455nm as stated in ISO TR 20772:2018.
2. Crizal Prevencia coating filters 20% of blue-violet light (between 400-455 nm).

Transitions® Signature® GEN 8™ Lenses

They’re totally clear indoors, and then you step outside and you instantly know what the fuss is all about with Transitions® Lenses. They darken automatically and block out 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays.

Transitions® technology reacts to sun, partial sun and indirect light, providing a superior visual experience by being more reactive to varying outdoor light conditions.

They’re more responsive to outdoor light and that means they get darker even when you’re facing away from the sun, in reflected light and at different times of day, plus they block 100 per cent of UV rays. When you go inside, they become clear like regular lenses.

They change from clear to tinted and cover almost all prescriptions, plus they also filter blue-violet light between 400 and 455nm as stated by ISO TR 20772:2018.

Almost anyone who wears prescription glasses can wear Transitions® lenses and they’ll fit virtually every frame, style, size and prescription.

Called “adaptive lenses”, Transitions Lenses are the most popular of their kind on the market and for good reason.

They offer the convenience of always matching to the amount of light, so stepping outside without your sunnies is not a problem.

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