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Our Eye Exam Technology

Widen Your Eye Treatment Options

Good eye health means much more to us than just clear vision and sharp focus. Our optometrists have access to advanced scanning technology to help spot eye health issues and, in some cases, general health issues that relate to retinal changes. Early identification, before they become problems, may give you a wider range of treatment options.

Digital Retinal Scan

A Digital Retinal Scan can help reveal eye health issues undetectable during a standard eye test.

Ultra Wide Digital Retinal Scan

An Ultra Wide Digital Retinal Scan gives you the very best chance of detecting general health issues, as it captures an image covering more than 80% of your retina.

Unique 3D Oct Imaging

Takes a detailed 3D image below the surface of your retina, giving us a more detailed picture of your eye health.

Clarifye Digital Eye Test

Clarifye is our most advanced digital eye exam ever. The Clarifye eye test incorporates two advanced pieces of technology, a 7 in 1 eye health screening assessment and a high precision eye test measurement of 0.01D*.

The more of your eyes we can see, the more we know about your health.