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Digital Retinal Scan

A window to your health

We love looking deep into your eyes, because we’re passionate about the quality of your eyesight and your general health. A Digital Retinal Scan can help reveal ocular health issues and, in some cases, general health issues that relate to retinal changes, so it’s best to have one regularly.

How does this scan work?

A Digital Retinal Scan provides a 30° to 45° photograph of your retina, optic nerve and blood vessels. This attention to detail is important, as some eye conditions and other medical issues can be detected by comparing small changes over time. Your optometrist will ask you to look through an eyepiece, like a pair of binoculars attached to the scanner, at a coloured spot until a flash goes off. We’ll then discuss the results with you and your scans will be kept safely on file. Over time, this helps us to build a profile of your eye health so that we can act early if there are any subtle changes in appearance.

Macular Degeneration is the leading cause of blindness* in Australia and New Zealand. Early diagnosis can sometimes prevent or help reduce loss of vision.

What we look for

Good, healthy retinas are what we love to find. The most important thing to remember is that for many conditions, early detection may lead to more effective treatment options. So don’t be worried. A Digital Retinal Scan can assist us in providing an early warning of issues and abnormalities that may indicate poor eye health or the early stages of eye diseases.

When to have a scan

We recommend having an eye scan regularly depending on your eye health needs. This scan is perfect if you are at risk of a retinal detachment or tear. It can also pick up ‘moles’ on your retina, which need to be monitored and checked regularly just like any other moles on your body, to make sure there are no changes. If you’re not sure which scan is right for you, just talk to one of our Optometrists in store.

*Source: Macular Degeneration Foundation