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Better Frames, Better Lenses, Better Fit

Better frames, better lenses, better fit

Take advantage of OPSM’s unique, complimentary 3-step AccuFit™ process and see how easy it is to get the best prescription glasses for your needs. Watch the video for a quick explanation or read through the steps below.

Step 1: Better frames

Our Virtual Mirror takes photos of you wearing different styles allowing you to compare four sets of frames at once – even in profile or at an angle - so you can choose the perfect style for your face. In the past, comparing the look of one pair of frames with another was tricky - without your prescription glasses on, you may not have been able to see them very clearly anyway.

Step 2: Better lenses

Our Lens Simulator shows you how different lenses and coatings will look, using interactive ‘before and after’ imagery. If you’ve ever been offered specialist lenses or lens coatings, without being sure what effect they’ll have, this makes the decision much easier.

Step 3: Better fit

Our AccuFit™ Fit Sensor positions your prescription lenses to your pupils to within 0.1mm for best performance. It attaches to your frames to get precise measurements of your face and eyes, which are analysed to determine the optimum placement. The resulting fit is clearer and more precise than anything we've used before.

This is an advanced way to get the best from your frames and lenses.

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