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Eyecare & Eye Health

We love looking after your eyes

They say your eyes are the window to your soul. They certainly reveal much about your health, so you need to make regular check ups part of your routine, throughout your life. The earlier we detect eye problems, the easier they are to treat, particularly as we age and eye conditions become more common. Our advanced technology looks deeper to show us a much clearer picture of your eye health.


Love our work

Over a million people in Australia and New Zealand trust us with their eyes, knowing that our passion for what we do sets us apart.

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Early detection is best

Many Australians remain undiagnosed with chronic eye conditions, so don’t delay book an eye test today.

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Loving your eyes

There’s a lot you can do to help keep your eyes healthy and, if you have kids, start looking after theirs too. Our Top 5 Eye Tips will help.


Eye protection, inside and out

UV rays can cause damage to your eyes and the delicate skin around them. In Australian conditions, it’s even more important to protect yourself.

UV eye protection

Let's have a look

Eye tests are bulk billable for eligible Medicare card holders and services. OPSM also offers tests that look deeper and are able to detect problems that other tests may not.

More information

*Centre for Eye Research Australia (cera.org.au): ‘Glaucoma… affects an estimated 300,000 Australians… half of these people do not know they have the condition’; ‘…it’s estimated that around 300,000 Australians have some degree of diabetic retinopathy’.

^For eligible Medicare card holders.