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Our Optometrists are here to answer any questions regarding your eye health.

Should I get my eyes tested even if nothing feels wrong?

Eyesight can change as you age. We recommend getting your eyes checked annually as some health conditions do not have any symptoms, so you may not know that you have the condition without testing.

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Do I need UV protection for my eyes?

A lot of you asked us if your lenses really need UV protection. Damage from UV rays can be irreversible, thats why we recommend you try to remember to wear sunglasses whenever you're outside. At OPSM nearly all our sunglasses can be fitted with prescription lenses that offer UV protection.

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How do I avoid digital eye strain?

We spend a lot of time staring at screens. When our eyes look at a fixed distance for long periods of time, it can put immense strain on our eye muscles. To prevent digital eye strain, some helpful tips are to remember to take regular breaks, ensure you have appropriate vision correction and always keep your screen one arm’s length away from your face. To check on your eye health, we recommend getting your eyes tested annually.

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How can I tell if my child has vision problems?

It’s important to take care of your children’s eye health, especially when we live in a digital age. One way to do this is to get your child’s eyes tested. A few signs to look out for are, squinting, tilting head or covering one eye, rubbing eyes, and even sitting too close to the television or holding hand-held devices too close to their eyes.
If you’re concerned about your child's eye health, you can book a kid’s vision assessment and ask our optometrists how to properly care for their eyes.

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How can I manage Myopia getting worse for my child?

We all want kids to be kids and never miss a thing. That’s why it’s important to look out for vision problems early. At OPSM, we have created a Myopia Management Plan designed to support your child and manage their symptoms using tailored products and solutions. We’re always here to help you look after your child’s eyes.

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Can contact lenses get stuck in my eye?

Yes… and no. Contact lenses can get stuck under your eyelid but it’s impossible for them to go behind your eye. Contact lenses are safe to use, and are especially great for active lifestyles. They also come in a range of prescriptions and can help you see just as well as your glasses.

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