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See yourself in contact lenses

The first contact lenses were made from glass and could only be worn for short periods before becoming uncomfortable and even damaging to the eyes. Since the first plastic contact lenses were invented in 1939, technology has moved ahead in leaps and bounds, from the introduction of disposable and silicon-hydrogel lenses to fashion and fun coloured lenses.

Speak to your OPSM Optometrist today to learn more about and/or trial the latest technology in contact lenses.

Different lenses for your lifestyle

Daily disposables are becoming one of the most popular and convenient choices amongst contact lens wearers. Simply, dispose of them at the end of the day, it couldn’t be easier.

Fortnightly and monthly disposables are the most cost-effective solution if you wear your contact lenses every day, allowing for regular or continuous daily wear.

Start wearing contact lenses in 3 easy steps

3 steps 3 steps

1. Book a contact lens appointment
Your OPSM Optometrist will first assess your vision needs to help you find the perfect pair of contact lenses. This appointment normally takes about 30 - 40 minutes and the fantastic news is, just for giving it a go, you’ll receive your one-off payment of $49 back as a rebate to spend on your first purchase of contact lenses.

2. Wear & care
During your appointment, we’ll guide you on how to use and care for your contact lenses to help support the health and comfort of your eyes. After this, we’ll give you a few sets of different trial lenses to take home and try out.

3. Aftercare
Following your trial, your Optometrist will spend some time with you to discuss which product is best for you. For as many aftercare appointments as you need, we’re here for you until you are 100% confident.

Save online today

Have you heard about our online Contact Lens Subscription Plan? The freedom to manage your own delivery schedule without the restriction of a lock in contract, it’s our way of helping you get the best value for your contact lenses. It also means you’ll never run out. When you sign up to a plan you will receive:

3 steps 3 steps

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