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Caring For Your Glasses

Keep them comfier and clearer for longer

You may have made a significant investment in improving your vision – in time if not in money - so we want to make sure you get the very best clarity and the longest possible life out of your frames and lenses.


The first thing to remember is always carry your prescription glasses and sunglasses in a case, use both hands to take them off (which helps maintain their original shape), and never place them lens down on a surface (as this can result in scratched lenses). Keep an eye on the screws that hold the frame together and, if you find one is loose, tighten it gently with a small screwdriver or take your glasses into your local OPSM store. A recurring problem with glasses may need specialist attention and we recommend purchasing a care kit to keep your glasses in the very best working condition.

If you are in any doubt at all about taking care of your lenses and glasses, please drop in to any OPSM store and we’ll be more than happy to help.


Clean your glasses regularly with your OPSM lens cloth (if it’s just dust or light dirt) and lens cleaner. Then wipe them dry with your lens cloth or a soft, clean tissue. If you’re not using your glasses straight away, simply leave them to air dry.

Treat your glasses gently while cleaning, as it can be easy to distort their shape or bend the frames or nose pieces. If this happens, avoid trying to fix the problem yourself but drop into an OPSM store instead, as OPSM fitters have the tools to do a better and safer job.

It’s difficult to see through scuffed and scratched lenses. If your glasses become scratched, the best thing to do is visit an OPSM store and ask one of our expert fitters for advice on your option, which costs nothing at all.