1 person in 7 around the world has to live in a world that's blurry because they have no way to get an eye exam or a pair of glasses.

Our charity partner OneSight is helping the world see by providing quality vision care and eyeware to those in need.

A simple pair of glasses has the power to change lives. And so do you.

It’s our mission to bring eye exams and glasses to the 1 in 7 people on our planet who lack access to vision care. And with you on our side, victory is in sight.

However, most vision impairment can be corrected with the right pair of glasses. This is why the work of OneSight is so important.

Together OPSM and OneSight have created lens cloths that do more than just clean your glasses. They help people. These cloths are available to purchase at any OPSM store. When you purchase them, you're making a donation that will help us help even more people see their world clearly.

$2 from every special edition Mulga care kit sold is donated to OneSight.

Find our more about OneSight here.


Mulga is Joel Moore, renowed Sydney based street artist, freelance illustrator, muralist, published author and designer of the Mulga product range. Known for his unique Australian creations and signature style of intricate line work and bright colours, Mulga's creations grace the walls of the world.

Mulga has collaborated with OneSight to make people smile through his colourful artwork and wacky poetry.