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Like sunscreen for your eyes.

Protect your eyes this Summer against UV damage by wearing sunglasses on a sunny or overcast day – just like sunscreen
for your eyes. That’s why choosing the right pair is important to keep your eyes safe.

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Protect your eyes
from the sun’s UV rays.

Choosing and wearing the perfect sunglasses is not only fashion and style, but it’s also fundamental to the well-being of your eyes, during the Summer season and all year long.

Protect your kids
from the sun’s UV rays.

A child is never too young to start wearing sunglasses. For kids, OPSM offers Polycarbonate lenses that are lightweight, impact resistant and provide 100% protection from UV rays.

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The benefits of sun lenses.
All for your eyes.

Some hot tips for
your sunny eyes

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Some hot tips for
your sunny eyes

  • Make sure you and your kids always wear sunglasses with a high eye protection factor (EPF).
  • Choose sunnies with a value of 4 or 5 under the Australian/New Zealand Standard for Sunglasses as they provide coverage on almost all UV radiation.
  • Wrap-around sunnies are the best because they reduce the amount of UV radiation getting in from the sides.
  • Polarised lenses are very effective at reducing glare.
  • Even if your contact lenses block UV, you should still wear sunnies to protect the parts of your eye not covered by contacts.
  • Wear sunnies even in the shade or when it’s bright but cloudy.
  • Make sunnies a must at the beach or snow where reflected UV radiation makes the potential for damage more intense.

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