Etched with the iconic Ray-Ban logo
Exclusive to OPSM

No pair of Ray-Bans would be complete without our unique stamp of authenticity. Just like Ray-Ban sunglasses, the new Ray-Ban prescription lenses feature the Ray-Ban logo in the corner of the right lens, with the Ray-Ban initials engraved on the left.

Premium lens technology

High Definition Vision

Ray-Ban authentic lenses guarantee better vision, thanks to Digital Surface Technology (DST). Digitally built lenses are tailor-made to your customer’s specific vision correction requirements, providing clearer vision and alleviating eye strain.

UV Protection

The Ray-Ban® prescription clear lenses reduce light reflections and unwanted glare, aiding sharper, clearer vision compared to standard coated lenses. The lenses also provide protection from harmful UV rays.


The new Ray-Ban® prescription lenses guarantee our customers an unrivalled and authentic Ray-Ban® experience. Available in a wide range of Ray-Ban® frames, whenever you see the unmistakable logo, you can expect exceptional Ray-Ban® quality.


We can help you choose the right lens and a style you'll love.