Eye Care


As we age, the chances of developing eye conditions increases and the earlier we can detect eye problems, the easier they are to treat. So OPSM optometrists have access to advanced medical technology available to look deep into the health of your eyes and build a much clearer picture of your eye health.

The OPSM experience

Our passion for eyes shines through everything we do.

Our dedicated and caring optometrists can give you the best advice for your eye health and wellbeing using modern optometry and optical technology.

We also make sure you leave the store absolutely loving your new glasses.

Discover why OPSM is different and why our customers put their precious eye care and health in our hands.

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Eye Tests

It's important to have regular eye tests as many eye conditions and diseases can be treated or corrected before they impact your lifestyle if detected early enough. An eye test can also help detect serious health issues such as diabetes.

Medicare will usually cover the cost of an eye test every 2 years, so why not book yourself in to have your eyes tested today? Don't forget to remind loved ones to do the same.

Discover more about eye tests and take the first step towards giving your eyes the care they deserve.

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Eye health

Healthy eyes should last you a lifetime so it’s important to understand the warning signs and symptoms of eye conditions so you can detect them as early as possible. Read about some of the more common eye problems and take a look at our checklist for maintaining optimal eye health and general wellbeing.

Ensure that you keep your eyes healthy with expert advice from OPSM.

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